Like a large family

A close-knit team is always aligned with the Company guidelines. It's like a large family, able to share the great impulse which led the company to start again, to be born, grow and succeed, manufacturing decorative components and techiques for the furniture with a customer-oriented development.

In the beginning, the Company picked up the challenge of a major client that was looking for quick and innovative solutions in prototyping and production of an essential piece of its production.

Smartly researching the best solution and gearing up the production with great flexibility to quickly arrive at the finished piece and at the following start of the serial production of a reliable product, Nadir has fully responded to the expectations, triggering a continued growth supported by the knowledge to take , also through the provision of a simple component, a central role in the production chain of the client companies.

To all the staff, thank you.

Nadir is not only tecnique but also aesthetics and feeling. And these are primarily the result of an close-knit group of people, enthusiastic about their work, that every day contribute to the success of the Company.

To observe them is how to close your eyes and imagine a garden where the colors of countless varieties of flowers emerge with strenght just like the tempers of people do. Here are the strength and the authenticity of mimosa and then, over there, the energy of the red carnation and the simplicity of the daisy. The scent is in the air... it is the vividness of poppy! The perfection of strawberry, the elegance of the orchid.

Nadir is lucky enough to contain in itself all of this, that's why our heartfelt thanks is dedicated to the whole staff.

Fontanel Family