The difficulty is making things simple

Nadir is a company that, since 2003, designs and manufactures aluminum shapes and components for the furniture (especially for bathrooms and kitchens), making use of the latest equipment. But even before that, relying on the ability of a team prepared to deal with any production problem and with the intent of finding the best solution.

Giving satisfaction to the customer is is equal to develope a unique and meticulous ability that, gradually over the years, customers have recognized to be the Nadir's most important value. This also helped to consolidate historical relations of great trust and the fast growing of the Company and of its sales figures.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Machinery and equipment of last generation, specialization in aluminum.

The real difference of the products Nadir, even more than in the original approach to the analysis of optimal solutions, is in the great potential of production technologies used, very often customized and in-house designed.

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