Accessories Gallery

  • The curved glazing bead elegantly absolves its function.
  • Sophisticated linearity and solidity for the glazing bead.
  • The functionality of a towel rack harmonizes the rigor of the cabinet.
  • The thin sinuous shape becomes a perfect towel rack.
  • Framed door with curved milled interlocking, precise outside, elegant inside.
  • Interior door: the system that anchors the frame is concealed under the curved union of the units.

Handles Gallery

  • Elegant
    continuity of shapes.
  • A game of curved lines follows the entire perimeter of the cabinet.
  • The sinuous line of the handle harmoniously follows the shape of the cabinet front.
  • Safety and functionality are the main features of this handle for shower.
  • Elegance of its lines and a meticulous execution originate an unique piece (Patented).
  • The thin linear handle fulfills its function absolutely discreetly.
  • The sinuous line in shiny metal gives the product a timeless elegance.
  • The rigorous geometry is a sweet meeting with the front element.
  • The harmony of a curve is interrupted for the functionality of a double opening.
  • Valuing the perfect geometry of the cabinet is its primary characteristic.
  • Simply essential to accompany the formal rigor of the cabinet.

Winning solutions to look forward

Move forward, everyday, the limits of experimentation: a must for a company that always looks at tomorrow. That's why Nadir faces production areas also different from the traditional ones and verify its technical and organizational capabilities in the areas in which the components must always be of a high level of finish and of a an excellent manufacturing standard.

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